The DaleBoot Pro Form is a professional courtesy provided by the manufacturer to select individuals involved in the ski industry. It’s a benefit we offer our Authorized Fit Centers to help promote the DaleBoot solution through opinion Leaders in their local areas. If you have a candidate you’d like to nominate, and are located in North America, please submit the completed Pro Form by either of the following two methods:

eMail:  mike@dalebootusa.com

If you’re a DaleBoot Authorized Fit Center located in Europe, please submit your nominations to Kitzbühel for approval on a case by case basis. Please include a brief background on the candidate and why you feel they qualify for Pro Form consideration.

eMail:   rob@daleboot.com

Please note that once the candidate is approved, Authorized Fit Center margin will be normailized as the retail “buy price” will be reduced by the same percentage as the discount awarded to the Pro Form candidate.  Authorized Fit Center Pro Forms are handled on a case by case basis and are billed separately from pre-season orders.

If you have any questions, please contact your DaleBoot representative.  Thanks & we hope you enjoy and utilize this program and take advantage of its many benefits.

Download the Pro Nomination Form PDF